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When I was a child, my older sister used to ’torment’ me playing to what she used to call ‘a game’. It consisted in asking me ‘why?’ after each statement I claimed. The question triggered a search in my personal knowledge base, reasoning through all my memories and experiences, to finally provide her with a slightly different argument. Following the new rationale, she usually smiled and asked again: ‘why?’. The ‘game’ continued until I got exasperated and angry with her.

Eventually, she became a teacher, a great one, and continues questioning other parents children. In my case, I got in love with the idea of how knowledge can be structured for a later use. Hence, I investigate new ways for robots to organize what they know so that they can reason about it, and also narrate it and argument it.

Welcome to this website, a small window to the world of Alberto Olivares Alarcos!

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