When I was a child, my older sister used to ‘torment’ me playing to what she used to call ‘a game’. It consisted in asking me ‘why?’ after each personal opinion I claimed. When I responded, providing her with a slightly distinct reasoning, she, again asked: ‘why?’. The ‘game’ continued until I got exasperated and angry with her. In the end, she became a teacher and continues ‘tormenting’ other parents children. In my case, I began to be so inquisitive that nowadays I constantly stand in the need of answering every ‘why?’ I find on my way.

In the next video, you can see how I would explain the main topic of my thesis to a general public, hence, using a non-expert language. Note that the audio is in Spanish but there are available subtitles in English.


  • Knowledge Representation
  • Industrial Collaborative Robots
  • Machine Learning
  • Human-Robot Interaction


  • PhD in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Ongoing

    Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

  • MSc in Artificial Intelligence, 2018

    Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

  • BSc in Industrial Electronics and Automation, 2015

    Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM)